We offer group hikes to exciting trails nearby that offers a good value as well as lets your dog become part of the pack!

Let us provide the tools to get your dog out on an adventure, and we'll get them there and back safely. (And dry!)


Whatever the weather, we are happy and proud to take your pups out on a nice cruise.

We offer short and easy walks for older or less active dogs. This is also a more cost efficient way for your hound to enjoy the high country with us!

In-home Services

Its never easy to plan a trip when you also have to factor in the animals.

 We are more than happy to take care of your pets that have to stay home, while you are out of town.


Whether its a quick jaunt around the neighborhood or a full-on cruise with the pack.

We are here to make sure your animals get the care and attention they deserve while their owners are busy trying to put food in their bowls!

$25 - hour                                                                     $15   - 1/2 hr

5 days- $110 ($15 savings)                                                                                                               5 days - $70 ($5 savings)

10 days- $200 ($50 savings)                                                                                                       10 days - $135 ($15 savings)

20 days- $350 ($150 savings!)                                                                                                    20 days - $250 ($50 savings!)